3 High Paying Careers That Are In Demand

19 August 2014
 Categories: Business, Articles

Employment as a whole hasn't been doing so well in the United States for the past several years. Unemployment is high, and good jobs are hard to come by for a large number of people. There are pieces in the news all the time about how the millennial generation, especially, is struggling to find jobs that will get them out of their parents' houses. However, the job market isn't all bad news. Some very high paying jobs in good careers are going unfilled due to a lack of trained people to take them. If you're serious about getting employed in a stable career while making good money, here are three industries that are looking for skilled, reliable employees right now.

1. Commercial Truck Drivers

If you can pass the training you need to get your commercial driver's license (CDL), then there are plenty of CDL jobs from companies such as http://www.montustaffing.com/ available to you. Trucking has been adding the most jobs of any area in the transportation field for the past year. In fact, there is no such thing as unemployment in commercial trucking right now. Instead, there are more jobs than there are drivers to fill them. Trucking schools exist all over the country, so you probably won't have a hard time finding one near you.

You may even find a trucking company that is willing to sponsor your trip to trucking school in exchange for you coming to work for them when you're done. When you finish trucking school, you'll have your CDL license and your pick of thousands of jobs across the country, and these jobs pay very well. If you enjoy traveling and working alone most of the time, you will probably love this career.

2. Registered Nurses

You've probably never heard a hospital complain of there being too many registered nurses applying for jobs. Most of the time, it's just the opposite. It was even this way before the recession. Nursing has been an in-demand career for a long time. While it does take a four-year degree to become a registered nurse (RN), the time you put into getting your training is worth it.

Once you've graduated, you will have your pick of jobs and job locations. Starting salaries are really high, too, with $72,000 to $79,700 being average, according to USNews.com. The salaries only go up from there the longer you work. If you love helping people and really making a difference in the world, this may be the career for you.

3. Senior Paralegal

With the economy being the way it is, bankruptcies and foreclosures are way up. Lawyers and law firms need paralegals who can take some of the work of their case loads off of them. Becoming a paralegal takes a college degree. You can either get a paralegal Associate's degree, which takes about a year and a half, or a Bachelor's degree in Paralegal Studies, which takes 3 to 5 years.

Either degree is fine for getting a paralegal job. However, those with the bachelor's degree may be hired as senior paralegals right away. Those with Associate's degrees will usually be hired as junior paralegals and work their way up to the senior level through on-the-job experience over the course of seven or so years.


The job market is not as grim as it seems. There are very well-paying, stable jobs just waiting to be filled by people with the proper training. If you invest in yourself right now by getting the extra education you need, you can be in a high-paying career in just a short amount of time. Best of all, that career will treat you right for as long as you want it.