Dispelling Spray Foam Myths To Help You Repair Your Business Roof

2 December 2016
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If you have a spray foam roof on your business that needs to be repaired, then you may be confused about how exactly you can fix the roof. Your confusion may be caused by the fact that you believe certain myths or misconceptions. Keep reading to learn the truth behind some common myths so you can start to form a plan to repair your roof.

Myth - You Cannot Walk On The Foam

You may have heard or read somewhere that spray foam roofs cannot be walked on. If you believe this myth, then you are very likely confused about how to repair a roof that you cannot directly access. Fortunately, you can walk on the foam roof. Many people believe the myth because they think of the spray foam that is used to insulate homes. The same type of polyurethane foam is used for both insulation and roofing purposes. However, an open cell type of foam is often used to insulate houses. This foam is inexpensive and it expands once it is installed. The expansion occurs as the foam forms an open and porous structure. The structure contains bubbles or pockets that fill with air. 

The pockets of air in the open cell spray foam insulation make the foam somewhat weak. If you place direct pressure on the foam, it may collapse or break. You may think that this same thing will happen on the top of your roof. However, this is not the case since closed cell polyurethane foam is commonly used for roofing applications. 

Closed cell polyurethane does not expand like open cell foam. The material is built up in layers with the assistance of a spray gun, and the material forms a dense and hard layer of foam once it fully cures. Since the foam is being sprayed to create a load bearing roof, a material called two pound foam is used. This foam is much more dense and heavier than the closed cell foam that may be used for insulation. This foam is created with a higher polyurethane content and a lower hydrofluorocarbon content. This makes the foam stronger and better able to retain the weight of a person walking on the foam. 

The dense nature of the foam means you can walk on it safely. However, sharp objects can puncture the material. Make sure to wear soft soled rubber shoes and do not poke at the foam with a putty knife or other tool.

Myth - Spray Foam Is Messy

If you have ever used a small can of spray foam insulation to fill in a drafty crack in your garage or basement, then you may have found the material difficult to work with. The foam can fall as it expands, and the material is virtually impossible to remove from surfaces. If you used a spray can, then you may also notice the nozzle clogging as you work.

All of these difficulties are true when trying to use a can of spray foam. However, the closed cell foams used for roofing purposes are two compound materials that mix as you spray the foam. This means that the material will not set up until it is sprayed on the desired surface. This helps the material stick properly and it also stops clogging issues. Also, two spray compounds usually set extremely quickly. This allows you to build up the material without having to wait for the material to cure.

If you want to make a roof repair, then purchase a two pound and two compound air aerosol kit. Hook up the two cans in the kit to the aerosol gun. Hold the tip of the gun about a foot or two away from the roof hole or opening, aim the gun at the damage, and gently spray the material in the hole. You may notice a bit of overspray, but you will not see the mess like you would with a single can of foam. 

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