5 Tasks That Need an Air Compressor When You Are Getting Ready to Move into a New House

8 December 2016
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If you just bought a new house that could use a good cleaning and a few repairs before you move in, you are probably wondering whether to hire someone to help you or whether you should do it yourself. With the right tools and a commitment to getting the job done, you and your spouse can probably do the work yourself. But, how well that works out depends on having the right tools. That's why you should rent an air compressor for the weekend (or more). Here's five tasks where you'll need an air compressor when you are ready to clean and repair your new home to get it ready to move into.


Whether your home needs a little touch-up paint on the molding or you want to do a quick finish on those kitchen cabinets, air brushing is the way to go. By connecting your spray gun to the compressor you can paint a whole wall or touch up small areas with ease. Spray painting is quicker and easier than fussing with brushes and rollers and will give you a professional finish too. If your new home has chipped or peeling paint, or you don't share the previous owner's taste in color, an air compressor and spray gun will come in handy for adding your personal touch to the new home.


An air nailer is a must if you will be making repairs on your new home. It works great on everything from reattaching loose molding in the dining room to replacing loose shingles on the roof. This versatile tool can be used both inside and out and is perfect for making quick repairs. Unless you want to waste hours with a hammer and nails, investing in an air-powdered nail gun is the way to go.


Air sanders allow you to sand and refinish surfaces quickly and don't overheat like an electric sander can. That means more time spent on task and faster progress on getting your home ready to move in. Whether you want to sand down the kitchen cabinets or refinish tables and chairs, an air sander will make your work easier and get the job done quicker than doing it by hand.

Power Washing

If the outside of your home needs a little cleaning, a power washer may be the answer. You can quickly remove dirt or debris with a power washer. You may even be surprised to learn that your home doesn't need fresh paint once you see it sparkling clean after a power wash. You can also use the power washer to clean cement or paved walkways and driveways. Don't forget to power wash the garage floor while it is empty, too. If your new home has a deck, this is a great time to power wash that too.


An air compressor can come in handy for cleaning nooks and crevices you can't get to with traditional tools. Use it to blow dirt and debris from under cabinets, from corners and between appliances. Don't forget to check vents and registers that may have become clogged with dust or pet hair. Other hidden areas where the compressor may come in handy are under and behind doors, behind built-in cabinets or bookcases, or along the baseboard of the room. You can even use the air compressor to blow crumbs out of cupboards and drawers before you wash them. Once you have blown the area clean, use your vacuum to suck up any loose particles.

Air compressor rentals will help you power the tools you'll need for getting your new home in shape. Contact rental companies to learn more about your options.