Tips For Creating Your First Brochure

5 March 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

A brochure is an excellent way to put information about your product or service right into the consumers' hands. Creating a brochure that results in sales is an art form. The following tips can help you create a better brochure.

Tip #1: Stick to traditional sizes

The standard tri-fold brochure is printed on 8.5 by an 11-inch paper that is then folded into thirds. A quad-fold is printed on legal size 8.5 by 14-inch paper and folded into fourths. The profile of both styles is the same once folded. It can be tempting to make your brochure a non-standard size in the hope it will stand out, particularly if you will be displaying it alongside the brochures of other businesses in a display, such as in a hotel lobby. Unfortunately, this rarely works out. This is because brochure holders are made to hold only the standard size. Anything larger or smaller won't fit properly and is likely to become lost in the display. If you use a single display, such as by your register, you will have the extra cost of also having a custom holder made.

Tip #2: Use color

Black and white brochures may cost less to print but they aren't very interesting or eye-catching. At the very least, use color on the front of the brochure so you can capture the attention of potential customers. Also, avoid trying to cram too much information into the brochure. The best designs consist of one or two pictures per page, with short 2 to 3 sentences paragraphs or stat lists between the photos. This makes them quick and easy to read, without overwhelming the customer.

Tip #3: E-link your brochure

One issue of the brochures of the past was that they would quickly become outdated, particularly if they contained a price list or if you offered a seasonal service on specific dates. Fortunately, you can avoid that in the modern times. Use a QR code to immediately link your print brochure to your online brochure on your web page. Customers can scan the QR code with their smartphone and instantly pull up the most updated pricing or spec lists for your product or service. This gives your brochure a timeless quality so you only need to print them when you actually run out.

For more help, contact a brochure printing service like Cheep Printing in your area. They can help you design the perfect materials for your business needs.