Create A Personal Beach In Your Back Yard

9 December 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Crushed stone, gravel, and sand are aggregates that can be used to complete a landscaping project. If you have a large expanse of property and have been thinking of turning one corner of the land into a personal 'beach', prepare the base and add several layers of sand on top of it to provide the perfect retreat.

Choose Your Landscaping Materials

Before purchasing aggregate landscaping materials, decide which area you want to add the beach to. Although many true beaches lack trees and other geographical features that are found mainly inland, this does not mean that you have to forego adding a tree or two to the homemade creation if you feel that by doing so you will be enhancing the outdoor area.

For instance, a couple trees that are growing closely together could provide a suitable area to secure a hammock if you envision yourself resting while suspended above the sandy land.

Measure the land and keep in mind that several inches of sand will be added on top of the compacted base that you create. An edging material that is constructed of plastic or metal should be installed around the beach so that the sand remains contained on windy days.

Purchase either crushed stone or gravel and plenty of sand to use for the project. If your beach is going to be rather large and a lot of materials are being ordered, request that they are delivered after you buy them.

Clear The Land And Fill The Space

Use a tiller and shovel to clear the land that is being transformed into a beach. The main objective is to create a level base that is only slightly below the level of the rest of your yard. After clearing the land, use a tamper to compact the land and add a layer of crushed stones or gravel across the property. Install the plastic or metal edging around the stone or gravel base.

Add a thick layer of sand on top of the stones or gravel. Water will drain rather quickly through the sand, crushed stones, or gravel, so you will not need to worry about water accumulating on your beach.

Add Some Additional Features

Think about what would help you relax while outdoors and add these items to the sand. Secure a hammock or swing to a tree limb and place a beach chair or lounger on top of the sand. Add some subtle decorations to the sand, that will remind you of the beach, including colorful seashells or pristine white sand dollars.