Did Your Doctor Say You Need A CPAP? Tips For You

11 December 2019
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When you go in for a sleep study and find out from your doctor that you have sleep apnea, you may be understandably unhappy and worried about what comes next. And, if your doctor has recommended a CPAP machine, you might be apprehensive. It is okay to feel this way as unfamiliar things can often lead to concern and apprehension. However, by getting to know a few tips for getting and using your CPAP, you can be better prepared for the process and for treating your sleep apnea. 

Be Sure You Try Several Masks

To get a CPAP machine, you will receive a prescription and then have an appointment with a home medical supplier to help you set up the machine and learn to use it. This will also be the point at which you choose a mask to wear with your CPAP device. 

While it can be tempting to try to make the appointment shorter by choosing the first mask you try on, you will benefit more from trying several different masks before settling on one. They have many different kinds of masks.

The main three categories are full face (nose- and mouth-covered), nasal (nose-covered), and pillows (small pieces just below the nostrils). Within those categories, there are several different mask designs and options to choose from. You will want to try out your three main options and then at least a few within that main category you selected. Choose one that is most comfortable for you and that suits your sleeping style. 

Always Use Distilled Water in Your CPAP

This is a point that cannot be emphasized enough. Always used distilled water in your CPAP machine. Never use tap, spring, or other types of water in your machine. These types of water can leave mineral residue on your water tank and throughout the tubing which will damage your device. It is also not as good to breath in as distilled water. 

You can buy gallons of distilled water at most grocery stores for around a dollar a piece. Stock up so you always have distilled water available for your machine. It is good to have at least two full gallons on hand at all times just in case you go through water faster than you anticipated. 

Be Prepared for an Adjustment Period

You should set reasonable expectations as you start to use your CPAP machine. You will not necessarily be able to fall asleep or stay asleep easily with the mask on right away. Some people have no trouble sleeping with the machine, even the first night, but most go through an adjustment period. 

Perhaps you will only be able to wear the mask for a few hours the first night. Then, the next, you might do better, and so on and so forth. Do not get discouraged if your adjustment period takes several days or even a few weeks. You will eventually get accustomed to the mask and be able to sleep well and soundly through the night. 

Now that you know some of the tips to help you when your doctor has said you need a CPAP, you can start the process knowing better what to expect. For more information, contact a supplier of CPAP distilled water.