Replace Disposable Masks With Washable Personal Protection Masks

20 August 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you have been acting the part of a homebody lately and have been wearing disposable masks when presented with the responsibility of running errands, you may be ready for a more permanent mask style. Although your preference in staying home may have been a priority these last few months, there is so much to see and do this upcoming fall season. Purchase a few cloth masks that are constructed out of a comfortable and stylish fabric.

Choose Some Masks

Disposable masks work for short term outings, but may not be desirable if you are going to be out and about for the duration of an afternoon or if you decide to take off for a long weekend and are going to be visiting many venues during your travels. After being cooped up inside of your home, you may be ready to observe the fall foliage or want to attend a festival that promotes fall decor and cultural activities.

Purchase a few fabric face masks that each showcase your personal style. If you wear muted tones a lot or if you enjoy the natural beauty and different features that one can see outdoors, buy some masks that reflect these preferences. Some retailers sell washable personal protection masks that are part of a collection or that are coordinated to match a garment that is being sold along with a face covering.

Look for soft cotton masks that are constructed from a material that is similar to the one that shirts are often constructed of or choose another fabric type that is both stain-resistant and lightweight. A light, flexible mask will block droplets from entering the air, yet will provide adequate protection when in a social setting.

Save Money And Rotate Your Masks

If you calculate how much you have spent on disposable masks and compare this to how much you will be spending on your new masks, you will eventually take notice of how much money you are saving, once you get adjusted to the new mask style. Disposable masks could have added a constant cost to your weekly routine and now you won't need to deal with this extra expense any longer.

When heading out for the day, bring along a couple of clean masks and a plastic bag that seals. Put one mask on right away and save the other one, inside of the bag. If your mask gets sweaty or dirty throughout your travels, switch it out for the fresh mask. After returning from the outing, launder the masks with a gentle detergent.

For more tips, reach out to a company that offers products like washable personal protection masks.