Adding Handrailing To Your Building

15 September 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Handrails can be a vital safety feature that can reduce the risk of individuals tripping and falling while they are going up or down the stairs. When it comes to handrails, there are a number of different options that you will be able to choose. In particular, iron handrails can be a durable and aesthetically pleasing option that will frequently be overlooked due to some misconceptions about it.

Myth: Iron Handrails Will Always Corrode Very Rapidly

One of the most common assumptions about iron handrails is that they will start to corrode almost immediately after being installed. In reality, the handrails will be protected with a powder coating or other finish that is able to prevent water from coming into contact with the iron so that oxidation will not start to occur. As a result of this protective coating, it can be possible to install iron handrails both indoors and outdoors without them quickly falling victim to corrosion or other environmental damage.

Myth: Iron Handrails Will Have An Extremely Rough Texture

It is easy for individuals to associate iron with a rough texture that may be unpleasant to touch or even hard on the hands. However, this will not be what you should expect with having iron handrails. These handrails will undergo a finishing process that will leave them smooth while still providing enough texture to allow individuals to retain a good grip on the railing. Luckily, most iron handrailing providers can allow individuals to feel samples of the type of iron that will be used in their railing. This can ensure that they are able to choose the material that is smooth enough to be comfortable to grip while still providing enough texture.

Myth: It Will Be Difficult To Have Custom Iron Handrails Made

It is not surprising that many people will want to have their handrails custom made so that they will be able to provide the aesthetics that they want for their property. This can also be useful when you are needing to add handrails to an area that may have an unusual shape or extremely limited space. Fortunately, it can be relatively simple to work with a professional service to have custom iron handrails made for your property. This can allow you to get the exact handrails that you want. While it may take up to a few weeks for these custom handrails to be made and shipped to your property, this will be a minor issue compared to providing your property with the right handrails for years to come.