Use Flexible Expanding Foam To Create New Cushions For A Set Of Stools

30 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Flexible expanding polyurethane foam is often used as cushioning for upholstered pieces of furniture. The material absorbs shock and provides support and comfort. Instead of tossing out a set of bar stools that have compressed over the years due to the thin sponge liner that is beneath each seat's leather covering, you can use flexible expanding foam to restore the furnishings.

Choose The Density Or Experiment With Different Products

The density rating of a product and the expansion rate will ultimately determine how much the foam will expand once it has been prepared. Products that are powder-based will need to be mixed according to the instructions. This will require the addition of water and the use of a measuring cup. If you have the properties in mind that you would like the finished foam material to possess, order a product that meets these specifications.

If you decide to use flexible expanding foam for the seat cushions and additional applications, purchase a few different product types to experiment with the volume of finished materials. Foam is not solely for projects that are going to be upholstered.

This type of material can be used to create visual props or cushioning that won't have any type of covering secured to it. A foam product that would be exposed can have a dye added to it to provide the material with a distinct appearance, or paint can be applied to its surface to give the material a custom look.

Prepare And Secure The Cushioning

Make a mold that can be used to prepare each seat cushion. To do this, measure the diameter of each bar stool and set up a circular barrier that the liquid foam can be poured into. Once the foam has expanded entirely, cut away the mold and lay the foam on top of an uncovered bar stool. The upholstery that was originally secured over the foam padding will need to be removed prior to laying the foam on top of the bare wooden surface.

Prepare additional foam cushions in the same manner. After all of the stools have a cushion, either line up the original upholstery over the foam cushions or purchase some new fabric to cover the seats. Use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the underside of each bar stool. Sit down on one of the stools and experience the difference in comfort. Plan on using the remaining foam powder to complete some other upgrades inside of your home or business.