Some Key Things You Should Consider When Looking For A Used Reach-In Commercial Freezer

28 October 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

Your restaurant, banquet hall or other food-service establishment needs a reliable freezer to keep certain food items from spoiling – and a used reach-in commercial freezer can be an excellent choice. You can find many great deals on some used reach-in freezers that have the cooling power to prevent the foods inside from thawing, melting or spoiling. When you're shopping for a used commercial freezer, you'll want to keep some important tips in mind so that you can make the wisest and most practical decisions. 

Why Used?

A used reach-in freezer that's still in excellent condition can function at the level that's needed for your establishment while costing you less to buy. The used freezer that you buy might not be that old, or the previous owner may not have used it very often. Getting this freezer that may run just as well as a brand-new one can save you a lot of money.

The Number and Condition of the Freezer Doors

You'll naturally want freezer doors that are easy to open and close, and it's even more important to check the door conditions of each used reach-in freezer that you're thinking of buying. All doors should remain shut while they're closed and have undamaged seals around them to keep cold air in and block out warmer air. You can also choose from used freezers that have one or multiple doors, and a used stainless steel three-door commercial freezer may be especially ideal if you run a larger food-service establishment.

Easy Maneuvering

Most reach-in commercial freezers have wheels to make moving these appliances easier. It's best to have a commercial freezer that can be moved quickly and easily if you need to put it somewhere else in your establishment. Before you buy a used freezer, you should check its wheels and try moving it around to make sure that you won't have any difficulties maneuvering it. If any of the wheels are damaged or missing, replacement casters that have wheels are usually cheap to purchase, but you might want to consider looking at other freezer options if you want to avoid the hassle.

Temperature Control

Any used reach-in freezer that you're thinking of buying should have a temperature control system that still functions and is easy to adjust. You can try changing the temperature settings to see how cold the freezer can get. The thermostat should be easy to read and provide accurate temperature readings so that you can be sure that all your stored food will stay cold enough.

Warranty Coverage

Some used commercial features have limited warranties that provide coverage for labor and new parts if something goes wrong with your unit within the warranty time period. Buying a used freezer with warranty coverage can give you additional assurance that you won't have to pay extra money to have your appliance fixed if it malfunctions shortly after you've purchased it.

A used reach-in commercial freezer can help your business thrive without being so hard on your budget. Many of the best used commercial freezer sellers have a variety of options that are sure to be perfect for your establishment. For more information about purchasing a used stainless steel three door commercial freezer, or another freezer, contact a company like Allen Refrigeration.