Three Signs That You Need To Start Ordering Custom Mailing Tubes

8 February 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you own your own small business, whether that is selling candles or vintage electronics to collectors, then chances are postage takes up quite a bit of your time. After all, online sales can make up a huge chunk of any small business' revenue due to the open access so many people have to your company online. The last thing you want is to build up a bad reputation because postage is letting you down. Here are a few signs that indicate it may be time for you to ditch mass-produced mailing tubes and start getting yours custom made.

Awkward Size

If you feel like you are just barely squeezing your products into the mailing tubes to begin with, then you have to realize that by the end of the journey, they are likely to be quite damaged. Sometimes the goods you sell just will not easily fit the standard mailing tubes that you can find at any post office and supply store. Those mailing tubes are meant to fit the largest possible demographic, not your specific items, so they won't always be the perfect option. If your items are clearly an awkward shape and size for the mailing tubes and do not easily fit in, then do not force them.

Constant Feedback

The only way to get better as a small business is to listen to the feedback that your customers are giving you. After all, they want to get a good product, so if they feel like they haven't for whatever reason, they will let you know. If you are seeing postage problems continuously mentioned in your feedback section along with words like 'broken' or  'damaged,' then it is time to make a change to a more secure mailing tube that is better reinforced for the journey.

Size Of Orders

The bigger you get as a company, the worse it looks when you use stock-standard mailing tubes from an office supply store. Having your own name and image on your mailing tubes (which is something you can request with custom mailing tubes) is very important to get your brand and image awareness out there. If you seriously think this business is going to work, and the numbers are starting to reflect that, then back yourself and start up your own supply line of custom mailing tubes that lets the world know who you are and what you sell.