6 High-Tech Advances In Home Entry Systems

29 September 2014
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For decades, turning a key in a lock was the only way to gain access to a home. When the cost of wireless technology became more affordable for consumers, security companies and locksmiths started looking for ways to keep up with the high-tech crowd. As a result, it is now possible to open your front door without using a key. Here are six ways home entry systems have improved due to advances in technology. Read More 

Scattering Ashes After Cremation: Your Rights In Illinois

22 September 2014
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Many families choose to cremate the remains of their loved one for financial or spiritual reasons, or because this was the express wish of the deceased person. A lot of people also decide that they want their surviving family members to scatter their ashes somewhere meaningful, and have decorative urn, like one from http://www.impressivecasket.com/, for a memorial. but it's important to understand that state laws can restrict where you choose to leave your loved one's remains. Read More 

7 Ways To Brand Your PTA

15 September 2014
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PTAs, parent-teacher organizations, have the reputation of being the 'black hole' of volunteering. In other words, people feel that if you raise your hand to volunteer, you will immediately be expected to volunteer for every single event until the end of time. It's time to change that image. Branding is the buzzword for the new millennium, and it works for PTAs just as well as it does for celebrities.  1. Smile: If you look tired and overrun when you and the other die-hard PTA parents are volunteering, you scare prospective parents away. Read More 

Keeping Your Solar Panels Healthy - The Why/When/How Of Cleaning

12 September 2014
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So you've decided to install solar panels on your home? Excellent, you've just taken a major step in becoming more self-sustainable and reducing the effect of fossil fuels on the environment. However, as you're probably already aware, solar panels don't come without their own difficulties. One of these difficulties is keeping your solar panels clean in order to harness their full efficiency, ensuring a healthy supply of electricity all year round. Read More 

Renting Your Home To Dog Owners? Here’s How To Keep It Protected!

10 September 2014
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Even dog owners need a place to live, so take the time to pat yourself on the back for deciding to consider renting your home to people with pets. But before you let any furry tenants move in, it's a good idea to take steps toward protecting your home from pet damage. Here are some options to consider that will help you keep your home free of unnecessary wear and tear: Read More