Preparing Your Belongings For Professional Movers

21 February 2014
 Categories: Business, Articles

Moving can be a fun and exciting time of one's life, but it can also be stressful and aggravating. The stress of having to get all of your belongings packed up and moved into your new home can be an overwhelming task; however, it can be made easier if you make the decision to hire one of the many wonderful movers in Chicago like Even if you hire movers, there will be some things that you will need to accomplish on your own. You will have to decide which moving company you want to work with, decide if you want the movers to pack up your things or if you are going to do it yourself and try to stay organized throughout the entire process. Before you can choose the moving company to hire, you must decide on whether you want the movers to pack for you. Not all moving companies will take on the task of packing, so if that is a service you are looking for, be sure that you find a company that will provide such a service. If you decide to pack your own belongings, there are some steps that you can take to make the mover's job a bit easier and less time consuming, as well as make your job easier when the time comes to unpack. 1. If you are technologically skilled, you can look for a moving made easy app for your smart phone. These apps will help you stay organized and know what you have put in each box. By using numbers on each box, you will be able to know what you put in the box just by checking the app because you will input that information into the app as you pack. 2. If you would rather use pen and paper to keep track of your belongings, you can accomplish the same ease of organization as you could by using the app. Create a master list for each room of your house and label each box according to the chart that you will create that displays the contents of each box. The detail that you go into while charting what is in each box is up to you. You could chart things in a general nature or get very detailed in what is in each box. 3. As you pack the boxes, do not stack them all in a single pile. Try to put boxes that are heavy and able to be stacked on top of in an area that will be easy for the movers to gain access to first. Avoid stacking any boxes on the furniture that the movers will likely load onto the truck first. The less time they have to spend unburying the things that need to go on the truck, the quicker the task will be complete. 4. Do not forget to wrap your fragile items carefully. Some companies will not cover damage to things that were not properly packed by the owner. If there are items that are quite valuable and breakable, you may want to pack them and transport them yourself rather than chance having something bad happen to them on the truck or while being moved from house to house. Hiring movers can make a stressful time more comfortable for you. You will reduce the time, energy and angst that would come if you were to rent a truck and try to move everything on your own. It is money very well spent when you consider how much work you would have had to put into moving out of your old house and safely into your new one.