Residential Security Services: 3 Outdoor Security Camera Features That Prevent Burglaries

1 November 2016
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You're not as safe as you might think when you're at home. The numbers are shocking, as approximately 2 million home burglaries are reported each year in the United States. Even with such a large amount of burglaries being reported, only about 17% of all homes have a security system installed. Installing a security system at your home not only protects your property, but also deters potential burglaries from happening in the first place. Many of the more advanced security systems offered nowadays include the installation of outdoor security cameras that are capable of recording activity outside your home. This not only gives you a good idea of whether there are any dangers outside of your home before opening the door, but also gives you the option of monitoring your home even when you're out of the country. This article will introduce you to 3 outdoor security camera features that you didn't even know you needed.

Pan View Option for Broader Vision

Don't restrict your view of the outdoors by installing security cameras that are fitted and secured into one place. You'll get a much broader and better view of the outdoors by installing security cameras that come with a pan view option. This allows you to move the camera from side to side, up and down, and even diagonally to get a better view of the dangers that may be out there. By being able to alter the angle of which the camera is placed, you can maneuver around any obstructions that might be blocking your view. This includes obstructions like trees in your yard or even any obstructions that the burglars might have brought along to obstruct your view.

You can control the pan view options using the software designed for the outdoor security cameras. Some outdoor security cameras are directly connected to an app on your phone. You can adjust the angle of the camera by simply moving your phone around.

Night Vision for Clear Resolution at All Times of the Day

While it's easy to get a good view of what dangers might be lurking outside during the day, not all outdoor security cameras offer clear resolution and images at night. The lack of light can easily make shadows appear darker than they really are and obstruct the details. To ensure that the security cameras offer clear resolution and video at all times of the day, look for security cameras that come with night vision. Cameras with this setting rely on active infrared illumination that falls between a spectral range of 700 to 1,000 nm. The cameras are also much more sensitive to light.

While some security cameras will automatically turn on night vision when they sense that there is limited amount of light in the surrounding environment, other cameras will require that you turn on night vision manually. Generally speaking, the former is a better option, as the security services will be a lot more self-sufficient.

Option to Record for Later Viewing

If you notice suspicious activity, but don't know what to make of it yet, consider looking for outdoor security cameras that give you the option to record videos for later viewing. You can either manually click on the record button whenever you see anything fishy, or you can customize the outdoor security cameras, so that they send a recorded video to an email address should they sense any type of movement.

Look for security camera companies that offer free cloud storage for the videos and images that were recorded. Cloud storage makes accessing these files a piece of cake.


Look for security services that come with outdoor security cameras. You'll feel a lot more safe with the added technology, and you can even use the videos and images you've recorded as evidence in court should anything negative happen. For more information, contact a security company like Intellex Security.