Creating A Concession Area For Your Indoor Playground: Three Options For Planning Your Menu

9 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Indoor playgrounds give parents a fun place to take their little ones to play, but you can do more with your space to generate revenue and provide more services for your guests. Adding a concession area can increase the amount of money spent at your business and make it a destination for parents in the local community to gather with their children. Here are some ideas to make your concession stand run smoothly without a lot of extra work.

Snow Cone Machine

Snow cone machines offer a way to provide a host of treat flavors without having to invest in a lot of inventory. The syrup bottles for different fruit flavors take up minimal space on your concession stand counter and in your storeroom, so you can accommodate different customer tastes easily. These machines are easy to operate, and preparing the finished product requires only the addition of syrup. Your staff won't need a lot of training to serve up these snacks, and young children get the treats they love at their favorite indoor playground.

Self-Serve Soda Fountain Machine

Instead of requiring your staff to pour soft drinks for guests, consider a self-serve soda fountain machine. You can sell the cups individually and allow guests to choose their own drinks. This saves time and frees up your staff to tackle other work in and out of the concession stand. Work with your vendor to ensure your soda fountain offers a few healthier options, such as sugar-free lemonade, juice, or sparkling water. This can make parents more comfortable with the idea of purchasing a sweet drink for their children. Be sure to set up a lid and straw station next to the fountain for guests to finish setting up their drinks.

Bakery Partnership

Of course, you probably don't want to add a complete kitchen to your business. That doesn't mean you have to settle for only a few types of snacks. Consider partnering with a local bakery to sell muffins, cookies, and pastries in your concession stand. This partnership helps support other local businesses, strengthening your standing in the community. Work with the bakery to prepackage the items for sale, and let the owners add signage to your business advertising the bakery. This helps drive customers to their location, and they can add signs to the bakery to advertise your business as well. Be sure to add a commercial coffee brewer to your concession stand so you can serve hot coffee with these pastries. With sweet treats and hot coffee, you may find parents coming back more often to chat and enjoy a snack while their children play together.